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Published : Wednesday 26 April 2006

Online security is critical for indivdiuals and businesses alike, thankfully there are a range of free tools and utilities to help keep you safe ...

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Online security is a major issue not only for business I.T. users but for the home computer user as well. In this brief article we will point you in the direction of some useful free tools and utilities to help check and maintain your computer security. We recommend that you update and/or run these utilities on a regular basis due changes to your computer settings and configuration that may occur.

Free anti virus software

Viruses are rogue or malicious software that can infiltrate your system in a number of ways. The free anti virus checking tools tend only to identify if your system is infected and do not provide any facility for removal. However AGV provide a free anti virus tool for personal use. Companies like Microsoft and Symantec will also provide free virus removal tools for certain viruses that pose a particular problem.

Free firewall’s and security scanners

If your system is connected to a public network such as the internet other users may be able to connect to and probe your computer if it is not secured properly. These online tools help identify potential security problems in your network connection. The free firewall software allows you can to monitor and block connections to your computer. If you are using windows XP you can get a free firewall by installing service pack 2.

Note : If you do not connect directly to the internet (for example via a server or NAT router on a local area network) the scanning utility will scan the proxy not the local machine.

Free Spyware removal software

While the TV networks are busy still flogging the big brother idea what you may not realize is that he is watching you! Spyware software is easily installed on your computer without you even knowing. The spyware software can result in identity theft, personal profiling and more. Adware whilst not always as serious can be annoying producing popups and adding toolbars. With the release of Microsoft’s free spyware removal software (now called Windows Defender which in our opinion is a great utility) there really is no excuse for not protecting yourself.

Windows and Office updates

You’d be surprised how many people don’t use Windows update and yet keeping your Windows software up to date with the latest patches and security fixes is paramount to keeping your PC secure and its free! Updating Windows should be one of your first priorities as having Windows fully updated stops a lot of other security threats in their tracks.

  • Windows update service Update and fix your version of Windows for free to remove security risks and bugs.
  • Office update service Update and fix your version of Office for free to remove security risks and bugs. Note : You can configure Automatic updates via Control Panel.


There are a multitude of threats to your personal or business computer security however with a little effort and know how you can protect yourself from the majority of threats and all for free!

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