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Published : Sunday 7 May 2006

Content syndication is a simple and effective way to communicate with your website visitors through the use of RSS feeds ...

Please note: this content is 15+ years old, from a time when I produced content for SEO and key word purposes. It may be of lower quality and no longer accurate.

In a technologically developing world it is important businesses keep abreast of new technologies to stay in touch with their customers. Making use of web syndication such as PodCasts and RSS feeds is an easy and affordable way to increase repeat custom to your website.

What is web syndication?

Web syndication essentially provides a summary of your website content together with links to the full versions of the content. Typically this would be the most recently added and updated items allowing visitors to track updates to your website from their news reader without having to visit and find new content.

RSS feeds

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds are simple text files containing XML that describes your website content. They are ideal for dynamic database driven website’s with regularly updated and changing content. By creating an RSS script that links to your database you can automatically inform your visitors of new products, promotions, articles, news, events and more without them having to visit your site!

Of course you can also create RSS feeds for static sites using tools such as G-Mapper for Windows.

All a user needs to access your RSS feed is a news reader or aggregator. In the current version of Firefox you can already make use of RSS feeds and there are many online providers such as Google, Yahoo, My MSN, Bloglines, newsgator to name but a few news aggregators!

Now that Internet Explorer (Version 7.0) comes with a built in RSS reader web syndication is likely to receive even more interest.

As well as users being able to subscribe to your feeds other website’s can easily make use of them displaying the latest links and information from your site.

Media / PodCasts

Whilst the name PodCasts suggests they are for the iPod they are in fact suitable for most media players and compatible software.

A PodCast is similar to and RSS feed and uses the same technology but instead of the RSS feed linking to pages on your website it points to media files usually mp3’s.

Your media / PodCast reader then checks the RSS feed for new mp3 files and downloads them for you automatically so they can be listened to whilst driving to work, on a bus, at the gym ….anywhere!

What’s more a PodCast can be absolutely anything ….

  • Your bands latest hit
  • Advertising
  • Education & Training
  • and more …


Web syndication offers a simple and effective way to communicate with your website visitors through the use of RSS feeds and Podcasts. With database driven sites the process can be completely automated using an RSS script so why not contact db net solutions today to find out if we can help with your RSS script or Podcasting.

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