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Published : Friday 10 March 2006

It's relatively easy to rrive traffic to your website with free and affordable approaches to website promotion ...

Please note: this content is 15+ years old, from a time when I produced content for SEO and key word purposes. It may be of lower quality and no longer accurate.

Until recently one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website was through search engine optimization however in recent years this is becoming more and more difficult and can take time. There are simpler and often more effective ways to promote your website in the short term which will yield results while you progress your SEO. In this article we look at promoting your website using free and affordable website promotion techniques.

Free website promotion

Admittedly this sounds to good to be true but a lot of the things you can do to promote your website are essentially free other than some time.

  • Include your web address on all stationary, letter heads, compliments slips, business cards, invoices, etc
  • Put your web address in all communications including email footers, fax headers, answer phone and holding messages.
  • Encourage staff to discuss and promote the website with clients and customers.
  • Include your web address in all marketing materials such as adverts, magazines, newsletters, etc.
  • Build relationships and links with other sites.
  • Write press releases and articles to submit to other relevant sites.
  • Create an e-newsletter that visitors can subscribe to.
  • Submission to search engines and online directories. See also search engine optimization

Affordable website promotion

As well as the free things you can do to promote your website there are also a number of affordable website promotion ideas to consider.

One of our favorites that can prove very successful is the use of keyword targeted advertising on search engines such as Google Ad Words and sponsored links schemes. With these sort of schemes you usually pay per click. This can be extremely effective if you have decent margins, use highly targetted keyword andcan achieve a viable conversion rate.

You can often subscribe to other paid directories and in some cases improve your listing quality through payment. With all these schemes it is important that you target sites that are relevant to your target audience.

E-newsletters are a very powerful way to encourage repeat custom when used correctly. They are fairly easy to setup and usually require little development work however it is important that you manage your list appropriately and do not spam customers.

Effective website promotion has changed over the years, however, the key to success is not costly or complex and there are plenty of free and affordable website promotion techniques that you can utilize to drive traffic to your site.

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